intelliMeet is a virtual company consisting of a federation of facilitators, consultants, graphic designers,
and content experts. The company was founded by Kevin Holt. Kevin received a B.S. degree from the
University of Wisconsin-Madison and an M.B.A. from Arizona State University. Much of his career was
spent as a development and acquisitions officer for a national hotel chain and doing market research
and management consulting in the lodging industry. After twenty-five years of studying management
and cognitive science, he launched intelliMeet in 2001.
intelliMeet's mission is to help groups and organizations boost
their collective IQ. The means is a three-legged intervention.
The facilitation leg quells dysfunctional meeting behaviors.
The method leg imposes a framework and process to discipline
the group's thinking. The groupware leg solves many of the
problems associated with traditional ways of meeting. While
each intervention, alone, enhances group performance, the
combination is powerful. The whole is greater than the sum
of the parts.
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