Facilitation is about helping a group do a better job of thinking together. Group members often
exhibit behaviors that impede collective thought and intelligence. When they do, it’s the facilitator’s
job to nudge them in a more productive direction.

•  LOSS OF FOCUS: Digressions cause the group to lose focus
•  WHEEL SPINNING: People ramble and repeat themselves
•  TALK TOO MUCH: A few people dominate the discussion
•  TALK TOO LITTLE: Shy or low-power people say very little
•  LACK OF CLARITY: Ideas are vague or ambiguous
•  POOR REASONING: Reasoning is illogical
•  DESTRUCTIVE CONFLICT: Emotional arguing trumps logical debate

Our facilitators are schooled in traditional facilitation methods as well as the unique skills required by
new groupware technologies, such as simultaneously acting as the meeting technographer (technology
operator) and facilitator, adapting an agenda to a computer-supported meeting, moderating an online
discussion forum, and hosting a webinar presentation. What’s more, virtual teams require that the
facilitator respond to a whole new set of online behaviors.
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