Most facilitators are not consultants. Where traditional facilitators will help you devise a meeting
process, few provide management consulting with respect to strategic planning, decision making,
and other sophisticated ideation frameworks. Our approach combines framework and process
consulting. We call it method consulting.
A framework disciplines your thinking
A good framework simultaneously disciplines and stimulates your thinking.
Like a checklist, a framework forces you to consider all the topics you need
to think about, in the order you need to think about them. At the same time,
it stimulates you to think deeply and creatively about each topic.
We regularly review the literature to identify and synthesize the best frameworks available, everything
from general problem solving and decision making methods to specific frameworks for business,
government, and non-profit strategic planning.
•  Objective setting
•  Multi-criteria decision analysis
•  Problem solving methods
•  Innovation & creativity techniques
•  Knowledge elicitation
•  Voting methods
•  Design thinking
•  Strategic planning – business
•  Strategic planning – government & non-profit
•  Marketing plans
•  Scenario planning
•  Value analysis & tear down
•  Risk analysis
•  Public participation processes
The meeting process grounds the
framework in a step-by-step procedure
Planning and decision-making frameworks abound, but rarely do they explain
how to structure and run the meetings that implement them. Left unanswered
are questions like: How do we translate the framework into a meeting agenda?
What is the best way to word the questions we want to answer? What method will we use to prioritize
issues? What method will use to generate alternatives? Will decisions be made by a single person or by
the whole group? If the whole group is to make the decision, what sort of voting method will we use?
Should we use a simple pro/con decision making method or a more sophisticated multi-criteria decision
analysis technique? How should we structure multiple meetings among multiple groups? The list goes on.

The meeting process we devise for you may be as simple as a one-day meeting in which the key
elements of a strategic planning framework are translated into a detailed meeting agenda. Or, it
may be a multi-group, multi-meeting decision process. It may even be as complex as a year-round,
multi-meeting, multi-group process for planning and implementing a project or strategy. Whatever
your needs may be, we can support you with a combination of method consultation, groupware
tools, and facilitation services – a combination that is sure to enhance the outcome.
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